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In this visual allegory on the male gaze, a cam-girl questions who is watching her beyond the digital spotlight

“Women have a unique hyperawareness of their physical selves as objects,” explains Samantha Severin, the director exploring salacious voyeurism in this short film. “We’re constantly on display—sometimes we feel like prey.”

“Women are constantly on display—sometimes we feel like prey”

The New York-based filmmaker describes her directorial debut as the “surreal fever dream” of a webcam model who fears she is being watched offline as well as online. The blue glow of her digital display seemingly creates a sense of anonymous intimacy between herself and the clients she seduces. But over time, the line between being observed and devoured grows thinner. “Men consume her in both private and public spaces,” says Severin. “When she is safe behind a camera she has the control and enjoys being on display. Outside of that, the attention can be terrifying.”


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